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  Volunteering for FIRST LEGO Junior League Expos
WHERE AND WHEN We will hold FIRST LEGO League Expos in Portland and other locations in Oregon starting in 2017.  We will begin announcing the locations later this year.
Who should volunteer

We are inviting high school aged FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition team members to be Jr.FLL Reviewers. A FLL Junior Reviewer interviews the team at their pit table and learns about their Model and Show Me Board.

After the interviews, the FLL Junior reviewers gather to discuss the projects and help each other think of creative names for the team award certificates. Reviewers also read and present the Award Certificates to their teams. The reviewers also hand out Jr.FLL Medallions and Elbow Bump the teams to congratulate them.

We also need a limited number of volunteers to help with logistics; team check in, ceremony organization, volunteer check in.' If you are interested, click here.

Why FTC and FRC team members? You are role models for our youngest FIRST team members who are in Kindergarten to 3rd Grade. We will give you the opportunity to introduce yourselves and your role on your robotics teams. The kids look up to you and think, "I want to do that someday!" The parents are appreciative for inspiring their children. There might be an opportunity to bring FTC/FRC robots for your own show and tell.





A coach can be a
  • parent 
  • teacher
  • club leader
  • scout leader
  • other adult
Coaches should
  • recruit team members
  • determine when teams meets
  • know that technical expertise is not necessary to coach Jr.FLL
  • instill spirit in team
  • schedule meetings
  • register team
  • order kits, etc.
  • understand the project
  • have fun
  • co-coach or otherwise pair up
  • keep a positive attitude
  • emphasize good teamwork skills and having fun
  • not worry about the solution; that's up to the team
  • encourage teamwork
  • insist on mutual respect
  • facilitate development of timeline
  • deal with parents
    • communicate about tournament philosophy, goals, rules
    • solicit help
  • communicate with school, etc.
  • don't have to be technical expert