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FIRST LEGO League Jr Expos in Oregon - 
Information Dashboard for 2016-17 CREATURE CRAZE Season


What is a FIRST LEGO League Jr Expo? The culmination of the FIRST LEGO League Jr. program is participation in an expo. The expo is not a competition but instead gives the children a place to celebrate their achievements. The expo includes time to enhance the teams’ current models and show their poster, meet with friendly "Reviewers" to share their experiences, and receive team recognition for their efforts.
Who is invited to participate? FIRST LEGO League Jr teams nationally registered from Oregon and SW Washington will be invited to attend the ORTOP FIRST LEGO League Jr Expo at OMSI in Portland, at the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum in McMinnville, or in the The Columbia Gorge area at a location/date to be announced.
Registration Details

FIRST LEGO League Jr Expo Registration .  There are 6 Expos available to your team.

Antelope -Saturday morning, 3/18, 9am-1pm, OMSI
Beaver - Saturday afternoon, 3/18, 1:30-5:30pm, OMSI

Cougar - Sunday morning, 3/19, 9am-1pm, OMSI
Duck - Sunday afternoon, 3/19, 1:30-5:30pm, OMSI

Eagle - Saturday morning, 5/6, 9:30am-12:30pm, Evergreen AviationMuseum
Falcon - Saturday afternoon, 5/6, 1:00pm to 4:30pm, Evergreen Aviation Museum

If both Expos on a given day do not fill up, we will be combining them into one afternoon Expo so please keep this in mind.  Columbia Gorge area teams will be having their own event later in the Spring.  

The start times listed above are the check-in times.  The actual opening ceremonies will start 30 minutes after check-in.  The end times are also the maximum possible end time.  We always attempt to end the event at least 1/2 an hour before this time but occasionally things run over and we want to account for that.  So more than likely your team will be finished before the end times listed above.

The Expo registration sign up will be linked to the ORTOP FIRST LEGO League Jr page in the blue square in the right hand column.  It will remain open until 4 weeks before the events at noon.  Please sign up as soon as possible after the link goes live if you need a certain Expo time and date.

Please have your official FIRST team number available*. This is typically a number up to 4 digits in length, not the longer temporary team number that you may have been given during the checkout process.  Also please check that you enter the team number accurately.  Matching incorrect team numbers to actual teams slows down the process and is usually what takes the longest when assigning dates and times for the Expo.  So the more accurate we all are, the faster you will know in which Expo your team is participating.  You can enter any team name when you register.  I do not need to know if it is different from the original one you entered with FIRST.  But after registering here, this will be your team name on all the materials that we print for the event.  It can not be changed after this.

Teams who are using a site license are welcome at Oregon expos. Please contact Loridee-Wetzel@ortop.org for your official Oregon team number.

You will be asked for a first, second, and third choice for Expo times so please have those preferences available as well.  We will assign Expo times to teams on a first come, first serve basis using the time stamp on your registration.  If you are registering more than one team you will have to go through the registration multiple times for each team so that we have all teams' information.  If you wish to be grouped together, please indicate that.  However know that if you want to be grouped with more teams than there are spots available in your first choice, your whole group will be bumped to your second choice rather than splitting the teams between 2 Expos.

If your team would like to attend expos at both locations, this will be facilitated on a first-come basis after all teams who have not attended any expos have been placed. Your team will need to fill out two applications with different first choices and adding that they would like to attend both sites and will pay 2 expo registrations.


The Expo Application Fee is $40-$80/team on a sliding scale for teams who need financial assistance payable to ORTOP.  Details for making this payment will be available at the end of the registration form and the link for payment can be found under the link to the Expo Registration Form on the FIRST LEGO League Jr ORTOP page.

All Expo information can be found at HERE, along with directions to collect and create your team roster for your team this year. 

Thanks for all your hard work this season!  I can't wait to see all the great LEGO models and Show-Me Posters!

After the sign up process is complete, I will be sending out detailed information about the Expo expectations and processes.  The sooner you sign up, the sooner I can notify you of your Expo time. 

Loridee Wetzel
Oregon FIRST LEGO League Jr. Program Manager


OMSI /Space Museum EXPO -


BRING THE TEAM ROSTER for your team.
Print from your Dashboard
Once your parents have digitally signed consent forms for your team at: https://my.usfirst.org/stims/Login.aspx You can accept the students to your team roster and print the roster for your tournament.

If a parent is unable to complete the online form, please have them fill out this paper version, write the team member's name on the appropriate section of the roster and bring both documents to the tournament. This form must be signed by the team member's parent or guardian.

FIRST Consent and Release Form - in Spanish

Without a signed consent form (either electronic and shown on the Team Roster, or as printed above and signed by parents) your team will not recieve their wristbands and check-in materials.



Yes, there is a $40-$80 FIRST LEGO League Jr Expo Application Fee. This is a seperate fee from the $75 national registration fee.

TO PAY THE Oregon FIRST LEGO League Jr Application Fee for OMSI /Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum Events; CHOOSE ONE of the following payment options:

If Mailing to ORTOP, please note our new address: 4800 SW Griffith Drive, Ste 215, Beaverton OR 97005
When are the Expos in the Portland Metro Area?

ORTOP will host four FIRST LEGO League Jr Expos the weekend of March 18-19 at OMSI and two expos on May 6 at Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum. 

Columbia Gorge Expos

FIRST LEGO League Jr Expo will be held in May at a location to be announced.

How many teams will be at each Expo? There will be Expos at OMSI:
3/18: Antelope Expo - 9am-1pm
Beaver Expo - 1:30-5:30pm
3/19: Cougar Expo - 9am-1pm
Duck Expo - 1:30-5:30pm
Expos at Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum:
5/6: Falcon Expo - 9:30am-12:30pm
Eagle Expo - 1-5pmup to 25 teams at each event.
What happens at the EXPO

At an Oregon FIRST LEGO League Jr Expo teams will:

  • Check in and receive their nametags/wristbands
  • Set up their CREATURE CRAZE Model and Show Me poster on an assigned table section
  • Attend the Opening Ceremony
  • Have their model/poster reviewed by a volunteer - most likely a FIRST Tech Challenge or FIRST Robotics Competition high school student
  • Interact with a FIRST LEGO League team demonstrating their robot and ANIMAL ALLIES project
  • See OMSI or Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum or have a different enrichment activity or Share Time
  • Attend the Awards Ceremony - Each team receives a Team Award Certificate and each team member receives a 2.5" FIRST LEGO League Jr WASTE WISE medal.
  • Adjournment

Optional Awards If coaches and parents wish to provide FIRST LEGO League Jr Trophies (or other items) for their team members, these can be ordered and paid for separately by the coaches/parents. If you order trophies, we ask that you do not bring them to the EXPO. Please award them at your own personal celebration party. It's tough to answer why some teams received trophies and others didn't when these are brought to the event. Thank you for understanding. Click here to see ordering information for other FIRST LEGO League Jr awards.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Can family and friends attend the Expos?

Yes! Family and friends are can view the team displays!

At OMSI and Evergreen Aviation Museum, the Expo is in the "free" zone. If family and friends wish to see the other parts of the Museum, they will need to pay admission. Evergreen Aviation Museum is happy to offer discounted museum rates to the families of FIRST LEGO League Jr teams.

Can team members see OMSI or the Evergreen Space Museum? Yes, each team member and two coaches will receive wristbands that serve as admission into OMSI or Evergreen Museum (for the building the expo is in). It is part of the $80 event team registration fee. Afternooon Expo teams can arrive early and pick up their wristbands so that they can enjoy OMSI or Evergreen Aviation & Space Museums before their Expo.
PLEASE NOTE: It will be too crowded for the afternoon Expo teams to be in the expo area at the same time as the morning Expo teams.
What is review time like? Volunteers - FIRST robotics high school students and adult volunteers stop by each FIRST LEGO League Jr team's table to ask questions about their model and Show Me poster. The purpose is to give the team members an opportunity to tell about what they learned. This is NOT a formal presentation. This is meant to be a Question and Answer session to allow the kids to talk about their project.
What is the closing ceremony like?

Each team will be recognized for something that makes their team unique and special for solving the FIRST LEGO League Jr CREATURE CRAZE Challenge. Each team recieves a Certificate (you can make additional color copies) and each team member receives a FIRST LEGO League Junior Medal.



Too far away from Portland to attend the FIRST LEGO League Jr Expo? Teams are welcomed to create their own expo for other teams.  Questions? contact jfll-questions@ortop.org