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What is a FIRST LEGO League Jr team and what do they do?
 FIRST LEGO League Jr. is a hands-on program designed to capture young children's inherent curiosity and creativity and direct it toward discovering the possibilities of improving the world around them. FIRST LEGO League Jr. utilizes theme-based Challenges to engage kids in research, problem solving, and introductory engineering concepts. The cornerstones of the program are its Core Values, which emphasize contributions of others, friendly sportsmanship, learning, and community involvement.

Each annual Challenge has two parts, the Poster and the Model.  Working at their own pace in teams of up to 6 and guided by at least one adult coach, kids:

The culmination of all that hard work for many teams is the participation in an event. Events for FIRST LEGO League Jr. are hosted, organized, and managed by the community. This means anyone is able to run an event for teams, including you! The event can be similar to a science-fair type atmosphere, with the kids discussing their project with volunteers and other teams. The event experience is all about recognizing the teams and celebrating their achievements. We encourage all teams to share what they have done with others, with just family or at an event.

On top of that, parents and teams can also use the Online Showcase to enrich their team's FIRST LEGO League Jr. experience.

ORTOP and OMSI will host four FIRST LEGO League Jr Expo events anually in the spring.

ORTOP and Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum will host two  FIRST LEGO League Jr Expo events in the spring

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Team Members

FIRST LEGO League Jr team members are kids in Kindergarten through 4th-grade who want to build things or explore their horizons in science. FIRST LEGO League Jr offers kids an opportunity to have a "sports of the mind" experience.

Age Policy

FIRST LEGO League Jr team members should not be older than 9 but can be younger than 6 years old if the coach agrees. Most team members are in Kindergarten - 4th Grade.


Teams can register on the national FIRST LEGO League Jr website . A National FIRST LEGO League Jr registration will be $75 for a team of up to 6 kids.

Ordering Kits

FIRST LEGO League Jr teams can use LEGO elements from anywhere to build their model. Purchase of the kits from LEGO Education are optional. Teams should have a 18 x18 Base Plate on which to construct their model and either a WeDo set or a LEGO motor and battery pack.

Online Showcase

FIRST LEGO League Jr provides a team community showcase for registered teams and coaches. Click here to learn more.

More Information and FIRST LEGO League Jr Oregon Coach Newsletters.

If you have questions about FIRST LEGO League Jr in Oregon please send an email to jfll-questions@ortop.org

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Questions and Answers

If you have questions about FIRST LEGO League Jr in Oregon please send an email to jfll-questions@ortop.org