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Email and Phone
If you have questions about the Oregon Robotics Tournament and Outreach Program, send an email message to questions@ortop.org

or call 503-725-2920
Workshop Information and registration
If you would like to register for an ORTOP workshop click here
ORTOP Mailing Address
If you need to contact us by mail, please use the following address:
c/o OUS Pre-college Programs, IAFF
PO Box 751
Portland, OR 97207-0751
Visit us address!
If you need to visit us in person, we are located at:
2125 SW 4th Ave., Suite 507
Portland, OR 97201
The elevator lobby is on the south end of the building
Chase Bank occupies the lower level of the building.

FLL Adult workshop

FLL Adult Workshop Information, Schedule and Online Registration


ORTOP FLL Team Support

ORTOP Team Support Information for FIRST LEGO League Teams



Each new team will need $740 or more for registration fees, kits, and related costs. In addition they will need transportation to the tournaments. See the sample team costs for details. Costs for returning teams will be less because most of their materials from the previous year can be used again.

Teams will often use a combination of approaches to underwrite their efforts.
Background Information on the robotic systems used in FLL
LEGO has developed two robotics product lines based on research done at MIT Media Labs. The kit introduced in the late'90's is called the Mindstroms Robotics Invention System (RIS) featuring an RCX. It uses a special brick that contains a microcomputer called an RCX that can process input from three sensors and control three motors. The sensors include "touch" micro-switches, rotation counters, light detectors, and optional temperature and other types of sensors. The motors can be turned on in either the clockwise or counterclockwise directions at several different power levels. The motor outputs can also be used to turn on small lights. The sensors and a built in timer can be used to program decisions about what the robot should do next.  The RCX kit is being phased out in favor of the new NXT kit released in the summer 2006. The RCX kit will be supported until 2009. The RCX kit, Team Challenge, is only available from LEGO Education.
In 2006, LEGO is introducing an updated version of the RCX kit called NXT. It will feature many of the sensors offered in the RCX kit and new sensors and features. An interesting new feature is the inclusion of rotation sensors in the NXT motors.  The NXT kit will be sold at retail stores, LEGO.com, LEGOeducation.com and one NXT kit can be purchased when you register your time for FIRST LEGO League.

On August 1, 2013, LEGO Education will introduce the EV3, the next generation of LEGO Mindstorm kit. We are looking forward to reviewing it.

Summer Camps and Classes for kids
ORTOP does not run the summer camps or endorse any specific camp. Camps are listed as starting point for parents to investigate summer robotics/science & engineering opportunities. Summer camps are organized by outside third parties. Any questions about these camps should be directed to the camp directors.
For 2013 summer LEGO Robotics opportunities check with Saturday Academy and OMSI.
FIRST LEGO League, Jr.FLL and FIRST Tech Challenge on YouTube.com
There are lots and lots of FIRST LEGO League and FIRST Tech Challenge videos posted at www.youtube.com .
Use these links for FLL: FIRST LEGO League, Power Puzzle, Nano Quest, LEGO Robotics
Use these Links to see the high school program FLL: FIRST Tech Challenge, Quad Quandry
Use this link to see: Junior FIRST LEGO League.
PCMTV NanoQuest Challenge at the 2006 State Championship at Liberty High School.
Watch a video of a NanoQuest table runs from the Intel Oregon FIRST LEGO League 2006 State Championship Tournament featuring:
Note: These are large video files, you may need to right click and "Save Link As.." to download the file to your desktop, then play the file with Quicktime.
Tualatin Valley Television (TVTV)
2002 Oregon CitySights Season Digital Video
This 6-minute clip captures the scope and excitement of the annual state tournament and quickly demonstrates the kinds of learning and accomplishments achieved by more than 1,000 9-14 year olds across Oregon in the 2002 season. Using lego robotics kits, team members took on the roles of city planners and engineers, studying, designing, building, and programming their robots to meet the official challenges of the FIRST national program, culminating in playoff and state finals competition. To download this video, right click one of the three hyperlinks below and select "save target as" or "save link as" to download the file.
Every computer is configured differently, so we don t know which file will play best on yours. The files are designed to play on both PCs and Macs. They play with QuickTime and RealOne media players, as well as others. If a compatible player is not already installed on your computer, free versions of QuickTime and RealOne are easily downloaded and installed by choosing one of the following links and selecting the free download
2001 Downloadable Digital Video
This video captures the tournament day's energy and broad participation, while demonstrating how kids creatively designed their robots to meet the official "Arctic Impact" challenges. This is an excellent introduction for prospective team members, coaches, mentors, volunteers and sponsors for the 2002 season; also parents and teachers.
If you right click on the links below, your browser may be able to invoke a "plug-in" that will play the video in "streaming mode." In many cases the quality will be poor, however. You should have more consistent and better results by downloading the whole file before playing it. To do so, right click one of the three hyperlinks below and select "save target as" or save link as" to download the file. You will be prompted to supply a file name and the subdirectory on your hard drive where you want to store it. (If you're using a standard telephone modem, the download will take a while.) The file utilizes a common format that plays on most video viewer programs, e.g., Windows Media Player. (The latest version of WMP can be downloaded at no charge.)
Once you have finished downloading the file, you can load your copy of Windows Media Player or equivalent and play the file you've downloaded by selecting it from the directory where you saved it.