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This web site is full of information you can use to learn more and get started with the FIRST robotics program. It also includes links to the international FIRST site and many other web sites with great resources. Please look below for a heading that matches your role and background and a short description of what this program can mean to you.


ORTOP and FIRST robotics programs are great ways to get your staff involved in their community. Whether they serve as coaches, a mentors, a judges, a referees, or in some other role, they'll be able to combine helping kids with being a kid again. We'd be happy to come to your site to give a short presentation and demonstration to your staff. We've found that these presentations often work best when they are scheduled at lunchtime. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.


Here is a brief summary of our program for your use:

The Oregon Robotics Tournament and Outreach Program (ORTOP) is committed to increasing the number of Oregon students pursuing engineering degrees and entering technical careers. A national robotics tournament - FIRST LEGO League - sponsored by LEGOŽ and the For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology organization (FIRST), is the vehicle ORTOP has chosen to offer 9- to 14-year-olds to support as a fun, challenging introduction to technology. We also offer Junior FIRST LEGO League and FIRST Tech Challenge.

ORTOP strives to encourage more girls, minorities, and disadvantaged children to pursue engineering studies. To increase the number and diversity of Oregonians that are qualified for technical careers, it's imperative to engage the interest of children from all walks of life to rigorously pursue studies in math and science.

To find out more about ORTOP and the LEGO robotics program in Oregon and Southwest Washington, please click here or contact us with your questions:



FIRST robotics programs will give your children the opportunity to engage in "Sports of the Mind." It will introduce them to basic concepts of engineering and computer programming.

In the case of FIRST LEGO League, tTeams of four to ten children, ages nine to fourteen, create robots that perform a series of tasks that solve a challenge. The teams will learn robotics and design their solution during September, October, and November and come together for tournaments in December and January. You can attend a free hands-on workshop to learn more.

School Principals & Administrators

ORTOP and FIRST robotics programs give your students an opportunity to experience a real engineering project, learning teamwork skills at the same time they see how science and math help solve real-world problems. Most teams meet after school or on weekends. These teams can be led by parents or teachers. Another alternative to use the program as part of a class project. The first step is to identify an adult to serve as the coach. Other adults can pitch in as co-coaches, assistant coaches, or technical mentors. We provide free workshops.


The FIRST LEGO League is all about fun and challenge. Students from nine to fourteen years old join robotics teams. Each team has 4 to 10 members. Team members can be

Starting in late September, each team will have until the end of November to design their robot to solve this year's challenge. Be sure and check out the FIRST LEGO League web site.

Be sure and check out the quotes from team members.


You can introduce your classes and after-school clubs to engineering projects that include the basics of mechanical design, electronics, and software programming. Your students will see how science and mathematics are used to solve real-world problems. You can attend a hands-on workshop to learn more. To see our workshop materials, click here

Technical Professionals

LEGO Robotics is a great way to help kids in your community at the same time you have an excuse to get involved with cool LEGO technology that wasn't involved when you were a kid. After you learn a little more about the program you can decide whether you want to be a coach, a mentor, a judge, a referee, or serve in some other roles.

Youth Group Leaders

The FIRST robotics programs give your kids a way to learn about technology, learn team skills, and see how science and math help solve real-world problems. You can form teams of 4 to 10 kids each. ORTOP provides free workshops.