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Information for Coaches & Mentors of FLL Teams

FLL National Registration information 

FIRST LEGO League Registration for the USA & Canada opened on May 6th – You can register your team here. It will stay open until all Field Set-up Kits are sold which should be sometime in September.

Oregon FLL Qualifying Tournaments

Registration for Oregon FLL Qualifying Tournaments will open the first week of October.  ALL Oregon Qualifying Tournaments will take place during the weekends during the first half of December. Each event is 2/3rd of day in length. Several venues offer a Saturday and a Sunday event. These events are separate tournaments.  Each team will be assigned to one qualifying tournament.

Intel Oregon FLL Championships

Our championship tournaments are scheduled for January 9 & 10, 2016. These are two separate championships. About 20% of the teams that participate in a qualifying tournament will do well enough to be invited to register for one of these championships.


Online Registration for Adult Training Workshops is now open for series workshops and programming workshops.  All-day workshops for areas outside of Portland are still being arranged.

Oregon FLL Community Communication

Resources for Coaches

The FLL Annual Challenge

Trash Trek Challenge for Fall 2015