2019 ORTOP Workshop Instructor Materials
(Updated 4/29/2019)

If links are live in the sections below, the materials have been updated for 2019. If not, the materials are in the process of being upgraded and will be completed by late May 2019.

Note: Many of the materials are provided in two file formats: a native Microsoft Office format (doc or ppt) and a pdf format. We have provided the pdf format so that those of you without access to Office tools can still view the materials. The pdf files are typically quite smaller than the native Office files, and that might be important to some users as well. We have provided the Office formatted files, so that our staff and instructors have access to the original files in case edits need to be made.

Schedule of Instructor Assignments (xlsx) (Updated 4/29/2019)

Materials for Instructors:

The 2019 Team Meeting Guide for the FIRST® LEGO® League CITY SHAPER Challenge will be available in August.

2018 ORTOP Workshops
I. Introductory Workshop EV3

Loridee Wetzel developed a PowerPoint slide set to provide teams with more detailed information about the Project:

Sources of funding for FIRST® LEGO® League teams:

Instructions for building the workshop EV3 robot -- One copy for each of the robot kits. We use the booklet that came with the EV3 kits.

Fun videos of robots attempting INTO ORBIT missions from 2018:

  • To be uploaded soon

EV3 Programming Tutorial by Dale Yocum in English

II. Coaching/Mentoring Techniques Workshop EV3
  • PowerPoint Slides (ppt) updated: 8/7/2018)
  • PowerPoint Slides (pdf) (updated: 8/7/2018)
  • Materials Checklist (pdf) (NEW: 5/5/2018) -- Reminds us what materials are needed for the workshop
  • Materials Checklist (doc) (NEW: 5/5/2018)
  • Guide to Hands-on Exercises (pdf) (NEW: 5/5/2018) -- Currently there is no handout for the exercises. This is guide for the instructors outlining what to accomplish
  • Guide to Hands-on Exercises (doc) (NEW: 5/5/2018)
  • FIRST ® LEGO® League Core Values Team Observations (pdf) (NEW: 5/5/2018) -- This provides the guidance to coaches about proper behavior at the tournaments
III. Workshop 3: Robot Navigation and Missions with EV3
  • PowerPoint Slides (ppt) (updated 7/23/2018)
  • PowerPoint Slides (pdf) (updated 7/23/2018)
  • Mission Planning Sheet (doc) (updated 6/20/2018)
  • Mission Planning Sheet (pdf) (updated 6/20/2018)
  • Color Sheets (updated 6/20/2018)
    • Color Blocks (jpg)
    • Color Gradient Bars (jpg)
  • Hydro Dynamics Overhead View (jpg) (updated 6/20/2018)
  • Video Clips Used in Slides
    • Navigation Problem -- Slide #4 (mp4) (updated 6/20/2018)
    • Stafford Gears Oregon Team -- Slide #26 (mov) (updated 6/20.2018)
    • Broken Pipe Example -- Slide #30 (mp4) (updated 6/20/2018)
  • Other Materials for Instructors
    • ColorGradient50.ev3 -- Used with slide #18
    • Video Showing Tournament Layout (mp4) (updated 6/20/2018)
    • Parallel Programming Line Follower -- (added 7/23/2018) This file should be downloaded only and viewed in the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 Software.
    • Materials Checklist (pdf) (updated 6/20/2018)
    • Hands-on Guide (pdf) (updated 6/20/2018)

IV. Programming Techniques Workshop for EV3


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